A Unique
Multilingual School in the Heart of Encinitas

Full Immersion Science-based Programs in Spanish, French, and Mandarin


Multifaceted Curriculum to Nurture Innate Talents

Jardin International in Encinitas

is a full immersion full time or part-time multilingual Nursery, Preschool, and Kindergarten with two full immersion language tracks of French and Spanish. Full immersion Mandarin is part of our curriculum for all pre-K and K students.

Jardin International is a subsidiary of Lingua Natal. Lingua Natal has successfully integrated a whole child approach to language instruction for 27 years. It is our belief that ‘Language’ is a powerful connector, and we are passionate about teaching children of all ages through our unique, inclusive, and dynamic methodology called “Origin”. At Lingua Natal, we have been changing the way kids learn foreign languages and paving their path to fluency since 1993.

Jardin International Preschool offers a unique environment for the development of happy, healthy minds and hearts of children ages 2 to 6. We believe in the holistic development of children, tapping their potential curiosity and innate talents to bring out well-balanced, confident individuals, and lifelong independent learners.

Jardin International Preschool and Kindergarten

Our Mission

Since 1993, our goal has been to provide children with a stress-free, full immersion, multi-sensory environment in which language acquisition takes place naturally and in progressive stages. At Jardin International, we systematically guide children through the same “natural process” they experience in acquiring their mother tongue.

Jardin International Preschool and Kindergarten

Our Philosophy

“Children are the future; each is a mine of gems; each is a universe, and each is unique in the gifts that he or she brings to the world. Our loving, nurturing guidance and care help unfold the potential and the beauty, the strength, and the intellect latent in every child.”

Our Pledge in Three Languages

Soy un niño de Lingua Natal

Escojo ser amable
Escojo ser radiante y alegre
Escojo ser respetuoso
Escojo la paz sobre la violencia
Escojo ser agradecido y generoso
Escojo amar a toda la humanidad
Escojo cuidar de la tierra
Escojo excelencia en todo lo que hago

Je suis un enfant de Lingua Natal

Je choisis d etre gentil
Je choisis d etre heureux et radiant
Je choisis d etre respectueux
Je choisis la paix sur la violence
Je choisis d etre genereux
Je choisis d aimer toute l humanite
Je choisis de prendre soins de la terre
Je choisis l excellence dans tout ce que je fais

我是个Lingua Natal孩子:


Jardin International Preschool and Kindergarten

Letter From the Principal

Jardin International Preschool and Kindergarten

Welcome to Our Lingua Natal family!

Lingua Natal’s mission started in 1993 in San Diego, California, and that mission has been to create learning environments where children can reach their highest potential for language development through active participation in small group settings. Lingua Natal has successfully integrated a whole child approach to language acquisition for more than 27 years! We highly respect each child s individuality and uniqueness, and we are committed to enriching their horizons.

At Jardin International, we provide an engaging, vigorous, and yet gentle and loving environment conducive to the development of happy, healthy minds and hearts. Our holistic approach to character education lovingly encourages independence, creativity, confidence, curiosity, caring, courtesy, compassion, respect, and empathy.

We believe that Music, Creative Movement, and Creative Arts should be part of the education of every child, and we make sure that it is part of our daily curriculum for every age group.

Learning about the beautiful and diverse peoples and cultures of the world is emphasized; this emphasis also extends to the importance of preserving our natural environments and taking care of our planet earth.

Jardin International (our physical school) and Lingua Natal International (our virtual school - URL) are unique schools that help develop the superior critical thinking abilities and mental flexibilities in students associated with being bilingual and multilingual.

We invite you to come in for a tour and experience the difference!

"When we step back to give children a chance to do things for themselves, we allow them to contribute to their own self-formation" Maria Montessori